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African Electronic Dance Music

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Bushman started DJ’ing at 18 and got his first booking after six months. As a versatile D.J. (being able to blend different music genres without memorizing them) became art for him. This optimism gave Bushman a foundation, and he started to D.J. across venues on the South coast, such as Junk & Whitehouse in Southampton. Liquid & Envy, Tiger, Drift Bar, Club 8 in Portsmouth. With vast experience working in the club scene, Bushman and his team decided to concentrate on the Production and Mixing of Afro House, Soulful House, and Deep House music.

Coming into 2012, after completing his University, he ventured into a more diverse field of Music by Going back in time to understand and appreciate the background of Dance Music / House Music culture. As an Experienced D.J. on Vinyl and C.D.J.’s, Bushman dedicated his search to those tracks and found Afro House, which ended up being his calling. As an already experienced beat matcher and D.J., he found love in Deep mixing and lots of love from the beautiful synths and melodies. With Music from Black Coffee, Themba, Darque, DJ Kent, DJ Clock, DJ Christos, Culoe De Song, Black Motion, and many more. Fast-forward 10 years, Bushman is perfecting his skills while incorporating a world-known style of Tech music, looking at various tracks which fit his mantra. An explosive D.J. that takes you on a long winding journey through his sets finds his niche with long intros and E.Q. distortions. Linking up with the Head Huncho on Trekkah, who runs entertainment collective T.O.N.E.S., enlisted Bushman to join the joint and work towards a common goal of delivering African Electronic Music. Throughout this time, Bushman has also provided regular Guestmixes for stations and channels such as Pan African Music, B.B.C. Radio 1Xtra, Selector Radio (Jamz Supernova), Drums Radio, Ibiza Playasol Radio, and Mimm Radio. The Collective has also been cultivating its events around Nottingham (U.K.) and The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick, London.

Settings WeAreiDyll records in Dec 2019 and working as the Label’s Managing Director, Marketing, A&R, and Publishing. Bushman has delivered from strength-to-strength networking, finding the latest artists in the Afro House scene, such as Hypaphonik, Atmos Blaq, Larion, Da Africa Deep, Native P., Shredder S.A., and many more. They have released music curated by some of the biggest names in African Electronic Music. Bushman has created a bridge for African artists to release their sounds in a European-dominant market and pay homage to the artists where communication between the Label and the Artist always adheres to 100%, ensuring everything stays up to date.