Roxa Damas: Global Beats every Monday

Written by on January 21, 2024

London’s very own Roxa Damas is set to take over on Monday’s at 5 pm GMT, promising an soulful experience for music enthusiasts worldwide. From starting out with a secondhand controller and a humble USB key boasting 100 tracks to securing residencies at Soho House and performing on New Year’s Eve at The Dorchester Hotel, Roxa’s journey is as remarkable as the signature beats she’s become known for.

Roxa Damas’s ascent in the music world has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her journey began with a modest setup – just a secondhand controller and a USB key filled with 100 carefully curated tracks. Over time, her dedication to the craft and undeniable talent propelled her into the spotlight, earning her a well-deserved place among the most respected DJs in the scene.

As Roxa Damas prepares to take center stage on, her impact on the global music scene becomes even more evident. With a unique blend of house beats that resonate across continents, Roxa has garnered an international following. Her music transcends geographical boundaries, uniting listeners from London to New York, Tokyo to Los Angeles, and Sydney to everywhere in between.

Broadcast Schedule:

Roxa’s premier show on is set to kick off at 5 pm GMT, making it accessible to audiences across different time zones. The broadcast times are as follows:

– London: 5 pm
– New York: 12 pm
– Tokyo: 2 am (next day)
– Los Angeles: 9 am
– Sydney: 4 am (next day)

Roxa’s achievements extend beyond the digital airwaves. Her residency at Soho House, a renowned private members’ club, attests to her prowess as a DJ. Additionally, ringing in the New Year at The Dorchester Hotel, an iconic luxury establishment, solidifies her status as a sought-after artist for prestigious events.

Must Be Soulful:

The hashtag #mustbesoulful encapsulates Roxa Damas’s musical philosophy. Her beats are more than just notes; they are a soulful expression that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Roxa’s commitment to infusing soul into her music has undoubtedly contributed to her widespread acclaim and the success of her premier shows.

Buckle up for an unforgettable experience as Roxa Damas unleashes her signature beats, uniting music lovers around the globe in a celebration of house music and soulful vibes. #roxadamas #GlobalFM #LondonDJ #PremiereVibes #housemusic #house4life


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