AFU Unleashes Nairobi’s Sonic Magic on Global-FM’s AURA Sounds

Written by on January 21, 2024

Embark on a mesmerizing sonic journey every Sunday with AFU, the maestro from Nairobi, on the captivating show, AURA Sounds, illuminating Global-FM’s airwaves. AFU, the wizard behind the beats, curates an extraordinary musical experience that resonates globally.

**AFU’s Enchanting Sunday Beats and Nairobi Nightly Triumphs**

AFU, the beat wizard, enchants airwaves every Sunday on AURA Sounds. Recently triumphing at Nairobi’s Higher Ground showcase alongside Diplo, AFU showcased the dynamic music scene of Nairobi under his expert curation.

**AFU’s Journey from Nairobi to Global Recognition**

Hailing from Nairobi, AFU’s diverse musical influences have driven his passion for electronic beats. As the founder of DJ Magazine Kenya, AFU has played a crucial role in promoting local artists within the East African scene. His captivating sound is a fusion of melodic harmonies with Afro, progressive, and tech influences, shaping a sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity.

**AFU’s Journey from Nairobi to Global Recognition**

Rooted in Nairobi, AFU’s diverse influences drive his passion for electronic beats. The founder of DJ Magazine Kenya, AFU promotes local artists in the East African scene. Starting his own event series, Aura, AFU provides a platform for up-and-coming DJs and producers to play alongside established names, a crucial opportunity often missed by these emerging talents.

As A&R and Events Curator at Alchemist Bar in Nairobi, AFU created a new series of Afro house events featuring top names like Lemon & Herb, Enoo Napa, DJ Merlon, Vitoto, and Kenza. His commitment is further emphasized as he not only curated but also performed at these events, including a memorable closing B2B set with Enoo Napa.

**AFU’s Global Impact: Tours and Festival Performances**

AFU’s global influence extends beyond Nairobi with performances in three countries. From the vibrant events in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Zoya), to the pulsating atmosphere of Delhi, India (Our World at Younion Club), and a memorable tour across Cape Town, South Africa, including a headlining slot at the prestigious Club Paradise, AFU’s beats transcend borders.

Playing at various clubs in the region, AFU collaborated in a two-hour B2B set with Kasango and performed at events featuring renowned artists such as Jordan Arts, Oscar Mbo, Massh, and Gumz. His stellar Main Stage performance at the Kaleidoscope Festival in Watamu (March 2023) alongside Black Motion, DJEFF, Sun-El Musician, and Desiree, showcased his prowess. Closing out the year at the Beneath The Baobabs festival in Kilifi, AFU shared the stage with headliners like Culoe De Song, Buhle, Maribou State, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

**Connect with AFU: Beyond the Airwaves**

Beyond AURA Sounds, connect with AFU on social media for updates on showcases, releases, and the stories behind the music. Join the musical adventure as AFU shapes the sonic landscape.

**Don’t Miss the Nairobi Magic: Tune in Every Sunday**

Whether Nairobi local or global listener, don’t miss the Nairobi magic on AURA Sounds every Sunday. AFU transports you to new musical heights, infusing the airwaves with beats that transcend borders. Tune in and let AFU on AURA Sounds elevate your sonic experience. 🌍🎶 #AFU #AURASounds #GlobalFM #SonicAlchemy #NairobiMagic #SundaySonicJourney


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