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Written by on January 21, 2024

Embark on a musical journey with George Solar, a maestro and Soundscape sorcerer, as he graces the airwaves on every Sunday at 11 pm GMT. Beyond the weekly transmissions, George Solar has been weaving an intricate tapestry of musical creations that promise to enchant and captivate audiences worldwide.

**”Moonbeams”: The Solar Solo Album**

George Solar is currently putting the finishing touches on his much-anticipated solo album, “Moonbeams.” This musical odyssey takes shape through a collaboration with Ken Fan of Cafe Del Mar fame, promising a melodic masterpiece that transcends genres. Scheduled for release later this year via @nunorthernsoul, “Moonbeams” is poised to be a celestial addition to the world of electronic music.

“Archipelago”: The Remix Album by Chris Coco & George Solar

That’s not all. George Solar and Chris Coco bring forth another sonic adventure with the remix album “Archipelago,” born from their collaborative effort in 2023, aptly titled “Island Vibrations.” The first single, scheduled for release in March via Chris Coco’s @dspprdisappear label, provides a glimpse into the rhythmic landscapes crafted by Solar and Coco. “Archipelago” promises a fusion of global sounds, transporting listeners to a musical archipelago where beats and vibes collide.

The album features remixes by esteemed artists such as balearic Dons Mike Salta & Mortale, BJ Smith, Buda/Lulu Rouge, and the Berlin producer sensation SIRS. These remixes are complemented by ambient dubs derived from the original sessions, creating a dynamic and immersive musical experience.

**Coco/Solar: The Sophomore Album Concept Unveiled**

In addition to his solo endeavors, George Solar is working in tandem with Chris Coco on the concept for the sophomore Coco/Solar album. The artistic synergy between these two luminaries is bound to create an album that pushes the boundaries of electronic music, offering a sonic experience that is both innovative and captivating.

**Remixes and Collaborations: Blank & Jones, Chris Le Blanc, and More**

George Solar’s creative pursuits extend to remixes and collaborations that promise to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. Expect the first results of his collaboration with Blank & Jones to hit the airwaves in spring, adding a fresh perspective to the renowned duo’s signature sound. Furthermore, Solar is delving into the cosmic realm with Chris Le Blanc for a cosmic ambient EP under the banner of @karmaloftmusic.

As George Solar continues to unfold his musical endeavors, the global audience is in for a treat. His upcoming releases and collaborations showcase the breadth of his artistic vision, offering a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul.

**Connect with George Solar: Join the Sonic Exploration**

Don’t miss a beat! Join George Solar’s sonic exploration every Sunday at 11 pm GMT on Stay tuned for updates on his upcoming releases, collaborations, and the mesmerizing sounds that define the electronic odyssey of George Solar. Follow his musical journey and immerse yourself in the world of Moonbeams, Archipelago, and beyond. 🌐🎶 #GeorgeSolar #Moonbeams #Archipelago #GlobalFM #ElectronicMusicJourney

** GEORGE SOLAR – Ibiza DJ dates Feb 2024**

  • Fri 02 Feb – Sunset @ Hostal La Torre, San Antonio
  • Sun 11 Feb – Sunset @ Hostal La Torre, San Antonio
  • Fri 16 Feb – Jara @ The Standard Hotel, Ibiza town
  • Fri 23 Feb – Sunset @ Hostal La Torre, San Antonio

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