Music and resident DJ CANOSA proudly presents the talented Francesca Strauss on 14th February at 8pm CET. Get ready for an evening filled with the pulsating beats of tech house and house music. Francesca Strauss, a 39-year-old maestro of the turntables, has been carving her path in the DJing realm for almost a decade. Her […]

Embark on a mesmerizing sonic journey every Sunday with AFU, the maestro from Nairobi, on the captivating show, AURA Sounds, illuminating Global-FM’s airwaves. AFU, the wizard behind the beats, curates an extraordinary musical experience that resonates globally. **AFU’s Enchanting Sunday Beats and Nairobi Nightly Triumphs** AFU, the beat wizard, enchants airwaves every Sunday on AURA […]

Embark on a musical journey with George Solar, a maestro and Soundscape sorcerer, as he graces the airwaves on every Sunday at 11 pm GMT. Beyond the weekly transmissions, George Solar has been weaving an intricate tapestry of musical creations that promise to enchant and captivate audiences worldwide. **”Moonbeams”: The Solar Solo Album** George […]

Dive into the enchanting world of Philippe the Haitian, a true selector of beautiful soundscapes, born and raised in the vibrant Washington DC area, with roots deeply embedded in the cultural richness of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Philippe’s life is an ode to music, an art form as essential to him as the air he breathes. **Musical […]

Today, we delve into the top picks of renowned DJ Roman Jack. Brace yourself for a musical expedition featuring a diverse array of artists and tracks that promise to elevate your auditory experience. 1. *Nitefreak & Emmanuel Jal – Gorah* A pulsating collaboration that transcends genres, “Gorah” by Nitefreak & Emmanuel Jal . 2. *Elisa […]

Roman Jack announces a new release in collaboration between Ai Wili and the talented @Esow_Diato, brilliantly remixed by the exceptional @FredEverything 🔥. Roman Jack, a prominent figure in the music industry, unveils a superb collaboration between the sensational Ai Wili and the exceptionally gifted @Esow_Diato. But that’s not all – brace yourselves for a mesmerizing […]

As they continue to champion the cause of true house music, C&M TrueHouse Productions are poised to make an indelible mark on the genre. Their unwavering dedication, their profound understanding of what makes house music special, and their boundless creativity ensure that the future of true house is in capable hands. In a world where […] Check out Global-FM’s Chief Joint on the remix duties here of “With you” by DJ Burger, also featuring Ryu Ken, Kali Mija and Phill SA. This track is in our playlists and should be in yours! Buy it now from


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