Global-FM.com and resident DJ CANOSA proudly presents the talented Francesca Strauss on 14th February at 8pm CET. Get ready for an evening filled with the pulsating beats of tech house and house music. Francesca Strauss, a 39-year-old maestro of the turntables, has been carving her path in the DJing realm for almost a decade. Her […]

Announcing a groundbreaking collaboration, Global-FM.com and Traxsource.com unite to create an unparalleled musical journey for discerning enthusiasts. Brace yourself for the hottest guests, the finest underground dance music, and a weekly showcase of exclusive tunes that set the stage on fire before they even hit the dance floor. 🔥 **Traxsource: Your Source for Electronic Music […]

✌ Peace Global FM Worldwide! ✌ Prepare for a tantalizing journey into the realms of beats and flavors as Chef Craig, renowned as “DJ JusCutz” and the head chef/DJ of Disco Kitchen Inc., takes command of the stage every Tuesday night at 11 pm UK time on Global-FM.com. Originating from the pulsating city of Chicago, […]

Join Canosa every Wednesday at 7 pm UK time on Global-FM.com for a journey into the world of cutting-edge sounds and special guest appearances. Under the spotlight of “Electronic Shades,” Canosa promises a sonic experience like no other, featuring the latest releases and captivating collaborations. Canosa brings a wealth of musical expertise and a passion […]


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